Trader Jon's - Miracle Fruit Tree Plant (Synsepalum dulcificum) "Miracle Berry"
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Miracle Fruit Tree Plant (Synsepalum dulcificum) "Miracle Berry"
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Miracle fruit, also known by many other names such as miracle berry, miracle tree, miraculous berry, and magic fruit, is an evergreen shrub that can be trained as a standard tree. This amazing plant produces tiny red berries with a slightly sweet taste that's hard to describe. The fruit's white pulp has a glycoprotein, appropriately named miraculin, that tricks the taste buds into making lemons taste as sweet as lemonade by attaching to your taste buds and inhibiting the reception of sour and bitter flavors.

Plant Details:

  • 4-6 Months Old (Varies from plant to plant)
  • 2"-3" tall (Varies from plant to plant)
  • Have 2-5 leaves (Varies from plant to plant)
  • Will Produce Fruit in 2-3 years
  • U.S. Grown, Ships from Florida
  • Organic
  • Grown from Seed
  • Each order includes a mini growing guide!
  • High Quality Plants (Every plant is inspected before it is shipped out and only the best are chosen)

The plants are shipped in a small pot with soil to avoid the dangers of bare root shipping and transplant shock. Each pot is wrapped in plastic to retain moisture and to prevent the box from becoming soggy. The plants are also individually wrapped in bubble wrap to make sure that they will arrive in the best condition. Each order includes a small growing guide with more information on raising miracle fruit plants. Please follow the included instructions to ensure your plants grow as best as they can.


Why Purchase Here?

  • Plants purchased from foreign sellers can be confiscated by U.S. customs.
  • Skip the first few months of growing, including the low germination rate of seeds.
  • Limited production allows for high quality care from the moment the seed is planted to the day it ships to your door.
  • Devoted to growing miracle fruit for over 7 years.

Not liable for plant(s) left outdoors for extended periods of time. If the plant dies due to USPS mishandling, please contact us and we will replace them. If the plant(s) is/are in the buyers possession for more than one week from the delivery date, we are not liable for its death. Please do not transplant (repot) your plants until at least 2 weeks after delivery. The growing instructions say to wait at least 2 weeks to help the plants acclimate to their new climate. Not liable for plants transferred outside of their original container within 2 weeks of delivery.

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